Our Latest Testimonials

So there is life after Harrods!
You showed us the parts of London that I never knew existed, and I have been coming to London for years.
Eva B. East Street, New York
You managed to make history interesting for my grand children and for us. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime.
Patricia Mc, Maryland, USA
Your company was recommended to us. We have been using your services since 1988 for both my business and personal trips with my family. Your drivers are prompt, courteous and accommodating. I recommend you highly.
Mr. C, President and CEO, New York
Penny Farthing goes out of their way to tailor a trip to the client, letting the client “set the pace”
Yours sincerely,
Joyce L, Travel Agent/Owner, Fayetteville, Arkansas, US
We have been availing ourselves of your company for 14 years and have never received anything other than the highest praise from our clients. You have provided the utmost in personalized and caring attention to our VIP clients.
Very truly yours,
Adamarie, Travel Associate, Chicago, Illinois
We certainly enjoyed our time with you and your skill and professionalism. It was a very special trip in good part due to you.
Stay well and thanks,
Howard M, Doctor, USA
Sending this gives me another chance to say Thanks. We are spreading the word from L.A
Hale P, Los Angeles, USA
Now that our amazing trip to London is over, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for making our trip much more enjoyable and informative. I can definitely say that this was the best vacation that we have ever taken, and it has been a while since I have seen my dad so happy. Hopefully we will return to London soon.
Tracy M, USA